Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Princess Party Happy Birthday Banner and Free Printable

Our daughter loves Cinderella so her birthday decorations all revolved around Cinderella. In my last post I shared a party table centerpiece I made based on Cinderella's castle. I also wanted to make a banner to hang on the wall that would fit the whole Cinderella theme. We had purchased these plates and I used them as inspiration for the birthday banner. Then I got to work in Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create the banner.

I made a free printable* with the entire alphabet so you can personalize the banner with your sweet little birthday girl's name! You can download the PDF file with the entire alphabet hereMobile device users: Apple's native PDF viewer will make the colors in the document appear wrong. You can circumvent this problem by downloading Adobe's free Acrobat Reader from the App store. I didn't notice any problem on Android devices.  

The printable has a total of 27 pages (26 capital letters and an exclamation mark). Each page is a character:

To make a banner, start by printing out the pages you need, then cut out each letter banner. There are so many different ways to connect each letter to the next (sew the paper to a ribbon, glue the corners of the letter banners together, punch holes and run a ribbon through the letter banners, and many more). For my banner I started by punching holes at the upper corners of each letter banner. 

I used brads to connect the letters of a word.

To connect the words "Happy" and "Birthday" together, I used a piece of curling ribbon.

I also tied some curling ribbon at the beginning and the end of the banner to hang it on the wall.

The final banner will look something like this:

Happy celebrations!

* Terms of Use: This free printable is for personal, non-commercial use. Feel free to print it as many times as you like and definitely pass the link along to friends and family! Do not sell. Please, contact me with any questions.

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