Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Colored Pencil Inspired Cork Board DIY

 Cork bulletin board painted to look like the tops of colored pencils hanging on the wall with papers pinned to it

I needed a cork board... As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a collector of papers, I will keep anything that catches my eye. The problem is finding a place for my treasures that will keep them alive in my mind (the final destination of most of my papers is in piles on my desk or stuffed in a sketchbook). So a cork board seemed like a good solution for me! 

I found some hexagon shaped cork board tiles while at Target and the wheels in my mind immediately started spinning and thinking of ways I could personalize them for my little creative corner. 

I noticed that when you look at the tops of colored pencils, they are hexagons and I thought that a colored pencil cork board would be just perfect for our office. I also think it would look great in a studio space, a child's art corner (to hang up their masterpieces), or in a teenager's room.

This is a really quick and easy DIY, all you need are the cork board tiles and some acrylic paint in your favorite colors. You can use either a foam brush or paintbrushes to apply the paint. The glitter glue is optional (I wanted to add a little sparkle here and there!). 

I made a paper template to mark off the areas to paint (the outer edges and the circle). I traced the template onto the cork board tile with a pen. You don't need to make a template, just find something round, like a cup or bowl and trace its rim in the center of the cork tile.

Then it was just a matter of painting all the cork board tiles! When the paint was dry, I added a little glitter glue to some of the circles for a bit of sparkle.

And here it is!

I used 7 cork board tiles and arranged them like a color wheel. I love it, but I keep thinking it would be fun to add a bunch more and make it look like a large stack of colored pencils! Or cut them to fit a frame (or even just paint a sheet of cork board to look like colored pencils). We'll see what this evolves into (especially if I end up needing more space to pin stuff up)!

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