Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Traveling with Kids: Sticker Book Tip

We spent two wonderful weeks visiting my parents in North Carolina over the summer and got to visit a few places we hadn't been to before (I'll be sharing some pictures in another post!).  We usually travel by car and, I confess, it is a long ride... I usually spend a good amount of time in the weeks leading up to our trips preparing activities for our daughter to entertain herself in the car. One of my go-to activities is sticker books! What kid doesn't love stickers? And with Labor Day weekend just around the corner, they are a great activity for long car rides.

The stickers come lumped together on a few pages at the center or end of the books. In the past I would rip out the pages and patiently cut them with my tiny Swiss Army knife scissors while riding in the passenger seat. It was on an on-demand basis... our daughter would finish a page in the book and I would cut out the stickers for the next page. 

As I was packing up her activity bag for our latest road trip, I decided to cut out all the sticker pages in advance. I wanted to make the books easier for her to do by herself but I didn't like the idea of tucking the cut sticker pages inside the book (way too easy to fall all over the floor...).

Then I had the idea of sticking the sticker pages to their corresponding book pages! It was extremely easy to do and there was no chance of getting the stickers and book pages mixed up. It worked out great and our daughter did all her sticker books by herself!

One of the sticker books I had picked out was "Cats" from Phidal. I love the Phidal sticker books, they have a very wide selection (animals, numbers, colors, shapes, stories), the images and illustrations are engaging, the books are only 16 pages long (not overwhelming for young children), and are very affordable (I often find them on sale for under $1 apiece at Staples). I started by removing the center sticker insert.

I cut the sticker insert along the cut lines. I then had stickers for each page of the book.

I peeled back the sticker backing paper just up to the first stickers. I cut off a strip of the backing paper and pressed the sticker sheet back onto the backing paper.  

By clipping the backing paper, the sticker sheet now has a sticky strip that can be connected directly to the appropriate page of the sticker book.

The stickers are now conveniently attached to the page they belong to and they won't fall out when the book is moved around.  All our daughter had to do was pull off the sticker sheet and start working!

Safe travels!

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