Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tsum Tsum Fuzzy Dice for a Rear View Mirror

winnie the pooh piglet eeyore tigger rabbit disney tsum tsum characters fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror of a car in the sunshine

I'm just going to come right out and say it... Tsum Tsums are absolutely adorable! Mixing Disney with Japanese kawaii/cuteness culture is just too much for me to resist...  My daughter is not too impressed by them but I can't help looking at all the new ones whenever we go to the Disney Store. I confess that I have bought a few for myself... not too many, but enough to get me thinking what the heck I'm going to do with them!

I'm not really a collector of things... I prefer when I buy something for it to have a function, to make my space prettier, or to just give me a giggle. The Tsum Tsums fall into the latter category and I needed to find a way to use them. (But if you or a little some one in your life does like to collect them, a really cute idea I loved was this Tsum Tsum storage display from The Pink Samurai. It almost made me wish I were collecting Tsum Tsums!... I might be in denial about the whole collecting thing.)

I then thought it would be really fun to have them in my car as fuzzy dice! They are the perfect size and, as an added bonus, they could be a great distraction for little hands on long car rides, just pop them off and toss them to the back seat!

Before I decided to do this "craft", I had no idea that fuzzy dice were called fuzzy dice. I had to look up the name based on my knowledge of the stuffed dice I remembered from the 80s. Much to my surprise, fuzzy dice actually have an interesting history behind them, as told in Dicing with Death: History of Fuzzy Dice. I never would have guessed it! Live and learn!

So, for this (I'm going to go with) whimsical craft, all you need is some cord, embroidery floss matching the color of the cord, pipe cleaners matching your Tsum Tsums, a pipe cleaner to attach to your rear view mirror (I chose black), hot glue gun, and, of course, your choice of Tsum Tsums (I went with the gang from the Hundred-Acre Wood but if I give in and buy more, the design would allow me to easily change them out).

eeyore piglet winnie the pooh tigger and rabbit disney tsum tsum characters in a row with colorful pipe cleaners

Winnie the pooh piglet disney tsum tsum characters with pipecleaners hot glue gun and cord

Measure how long you want your Tsum Tsums to hang from the rear view mirror and cut the cord accordingly. Cut a cord for each Tsum Tsum you want to use. Vary the length of the cords so the Tsum Tsums will be staggered.

Pink scissors measuring tape and cord on white background

Hot glue the tips of the cord and the embroidery floss together.

blue hot glue gun with white cord

Loop the cord over itself and hot glue it in place.

Blue hot glue gun with white cord

Wrap the embroidery floss around the cord to secure the loop and hide the glue.

Form a loop at the top of one of the cords and glue all the cords together. Finish by wrapping the embroidery floss around the top to hide the glue.

Slide a pipe cleaner through one of the loops and twist it into a circle (the circle should fit securely around the body of the Tsum Tsum).

Repeat for all of the other loops.

Slide the black pipe cleaner through the top loop and attach it to the rear view mirror of your car.

Add the Tsum Tsums!

winnie the pooh piglet eeyore tigger rabbit disney tsum tsum characters fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror of a car in the sunshine

My daughter absolutely loves the Tsum Tsum fuzzy dice hanging in our car (I may convert her yet! Then I can make the aforementioned cute storage display!!)! She gets a kick out of watching them swing! Now I might have a legitimate reason to buy the rest of The Little Mermaid characters...

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