Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers

For Easter we like to fill a basket with little toys, a book, and art supplies for our daughter. We also like to have an egg hunt! We try not to fill every egg with candy so that each egg is a surprise. Last year I came up with a scavenger hunt involving letters, numbers, and short words (great for preschoolers!). Our daughter loved it!

The scavenger hunt starts with a note from the Easter Bunny. It contains a secret message which, once solved, reveals the location of her Easter basket. 

The instructions are pretty simple... first she has to find the eggs that are hidden around her playroom. Inside each egg is a numbered letter that she has to stick to the Easter Bunny's secret message. The letters spell out the location of her Easter basket. Last year the secret message was "Big Dog" (the name of her adorable stuffed dog). Her Easter basket was hidden inside a larger basket with Big Dog laying across the top.

For the letters, I used Avery's 2" x 4" white mailing labels (they are stickers and the backs are really easy for little fingers to peel off).

Now, onto the letters! Spell out the answer to the secret message on the labels (you can be as colorful and big as you like). Write a small number in one of the corners of the label (I chose the upper left-hand corner).

Then put each letter/sticker in an egg and go hide them!

You can expand on the basic idea of the numbered letters to any concept you want to reinforce... colors, shapes, opposites, things that go together, etc.

Happy egg hunt!

P.S. For all those who are curious, this is Big Dog (all decked out for Christmas)!

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