Thursday, October 15, 2015

I'm on Instagram!

I love Instagram! Lately I've been getting into a more consistent posting schedule and I'm really getting a kick out of it! I love that I can share things that often don't work too well as a blog post. I use Instagram mostly for:

Illustrations and sketches 
Ink drawing of a mermaid swimming in circles

Close up of yesterday's mermaid sketch!

Very happy and excited bee drawing

A slightly over excited bee for a lunchbox tomorrow! 

Brightly colored mandala on black background

So my daughter just got a new box of @crayola crayons... 

She's bouncing around playing and I'm the one having fun drawing!

Pencil drawing sketch of sleeping basset hound

Sleepy basset hound sketch

Happy green frog and goldfish painting in watercolors

I had a little mommy quiet time this afternoon while my daughter

played! These two appeared on my paper to keep me company!

Ink drawing of a dog chasing a ball with its tongue sticking out

Go fetch!

Works in progress
Work table with paints, paintbrushes, pencil and cut paper along with light green Volkswagen Beetle made out of paper
Working on a new paper illustration!

White horse head made out of felt with white yarn for a mane

Working on something new for the blog!

Craft projects
Stuffed felt letters in a variety of colors spelling out I'm Done on a red background

I'm done!!!! I can't believe I finally finished this stuffed alphabet 

for my daughter! I think I've been working on it for almost 2 years. 

Today I decided to get X, Y and Z done. Yay!

Turkey made out of pine cone, twigs and colorful fall leaves

We collected a bagful of fall goodness on our walk this morning.

Then we got to playing around with them and this wacky turkey appeared!

Acorn painted like a candy skull (Dia de los Muertos)

Still playing around with our nature haul from this morning!

Painting Candy Skull acorns!

Blog updates
Little girl dressed in a flowing blue tutu gracefully steps over a rock

I'm sharing a tulle tutu tutorial on the blog today because 

every little girl needs a tutu!

Handmade telescope craft with black cards labeled with constellation names

Today on the blog I'm sharing a telescope craft for learning 

about the stars and constellations!

Other snippets from our days
Sitting West Highland White Terrier wearing a crown of pink roses and green flowers

He's such a good sport! Love him to bits!! (National Dog Day)

Two dried four leaf clovers resting on wax paper

I found a four leaf clover yesterday!!! I'm pressing it along with the

one I found in 2013 (my first ever!). I'm thinking about putting them

in a pendant once my new one dries out.

Caterpillar chrysalides hanging from the top of a clear cup with a drawing of a hungry caterpillar and a flower in the background

Our caterpillars have hardened into chrysalides! I miss the

little munchers already...

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  1. I love the basset hound sketch! I`m going to follow you on instagram to see more :)